Tango Shoes by Madame Pivot USA

Italian Dance Shoes by Madame Pivot USA

We love Italian Shoes!!!

The Italian Dance Shoes with the brilliant, 100% handcrafted in Italy, built with great support for dancing all night yet elegant and stylish for all occasions!

Madame Pivot Dance Shoe have become a trademark in the dance industry.

The quality of Italian craftsmanship gives this brand high desirability. The unique qualities and designs will make your dancing an even more enjoyable experience. The elegant aesthetics and fashionable design make Madame Pivot one of the most recognizable dance shoes from Italy!

Madame Pivot shoes have the highest standards for materials using some of the most durable and luxurious leathers from Italy, complimenting them with the strictest attention to details.

The final result is a very comfortable, durable and stylish shoes graet for dance and for all occasions!

Comfort, quality and style at your feet. Now you can dance the night away!

A true masterpiece at your feet!